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I agree that it does seem to be some sort of connectivity issue when comparing the file sizes during the attempts to install; but even after going through the options you mentioned in your previous comment, it's still failing to fetch the repo and install. I was originally on the RStudios repository and so I attempted the install again after choosing one closer to my location and disabling the secure download option, which unfortunately returned the same results.

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You are right that a very big zip file may fail for either size or timing. There are two ways round this.One is to log onto your hosting account and use FTP to recover the files.The other is to use the list of filenames in the download spreadsheet to automate file copying from the website to a local folder. The web folder is always the WP root folder followed by /wp-content/uploads/ewz_img_uploads/ followed by a folder named as the event code (available via the download spreadsheet) followed by the image filename (available via the download spreadsheet).

Our engineers who are all using relatively powerful workstations find is excruciatingly slow to open the Zip files from the NAS (30-60 seconds for a 2MB zip file) and significantly longer for larger files. I've scoured this form and the web searching for a solution, but nothing I have tried seems to improve the situation. I've monitored our network which usually shows to be

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Having said that, I understand that the unzip is being done over the network, but I'm struggling that on a 10G network a 2MB zip file should take >30 seconds to unzip. Even unzipped, the files aren't that large, they primarily use zip to put the data into containers to move between our offices and the client.. I have not seen any errors on the NAS, and as my initial note said the NAS isn't overly busy.

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The Universal Android WebView App template, which is built by robotemplates, lets you quickly convert your website into an Android application. Once you buy it on Code Canyon, you can download the template as a .zip file. After unzipping the file, you will have a project that can be opened with Android Studio.

You can also download the DISKSPD tool directly from the GitHub repository that contains the open-source code, and a wiki page that details all the parameters and specifications. In the repository, under Releases, select the link to automatically download the ZIP file.

-d120: This specifies the duration of the test, not including cool-down or warm-up. The default value is 10 seconds, but we recommend using at least 60 seconds for any serious workload. In this case, 120 seconds were used to minimize any outliers.

Returns information about the function or function version, with a link to download the deployment package that's valid for 10 minutes. If you specify a function version, only details that are specific to that version are returned.

Veracode recommends that you set the job to download or get the latest Docker image, each time the job runs, to ensure that you are using the latest version of the Pipeline Scan. Alternatively, you can cache locally on your CI system and download it at regular intervals. The code examples include a step for downloading and extracting the latest version of the Pipeline Scan ZIP archive.

Regarding generating the zip - I was able to zip just under 3GB in around 20 to 30 min on a shared hosting so 2000 seconds should be a good base amount but if you can, try to increase it some more, maybe try 60min / 3600 seconds.

Recently, we noticed that build times for Terraform deployments in Azure DevOps were taking an unusually long time, sometimes as much as three to five minutes per build. Upon further investigation, one of the steps that held up the build process the longest was the step to download Terraform. The download step, which downloads terraform using the Invoke-WebRequest command, took almost a full minute to download a zip file 20 MB in size. What was going on? Why was downloading using Invoke-WebRequest so slow?

Tanium Client 7.2: Make sure that the file is located in the Tanium Client installation directory and that its hash matches that of the file on the Tanium Server. For the steps to download the file from the Tanium Server, see Tanium Console User Guide: Download infrastructure configuration files (keys).

The error message Network Config Timed Out or Failed to download netconfig at startup commonly appears when a Tanium Client fails to connect or register with Tanium Cloud the Tanium Server or Zone Server. To troubleshoot this error message, see Troubleshoot issues with connection and registration.

Each Action_ directory contains all the files that are required to deploy an action package. For example, if you deploy a package that has five files, the Tanium Client places each file in the Action_ directory after it finishes downloading. After all five files download, the action status changes from Preparing Files to Running on the Action Status page. Even if a deployed package has no associated package files, the Tanium Client creates an empty Action_ directory for it. The Tanium Client removes Action_ directories from its host after a configurable interval (see Action log and package cleanup).

If I download a .zip file (using chrome) and click it before it downloads so that it automatically opens when it finishes, my entire computer (except chrome - I can still use chrome) freezes for about 30 seconds.

You notice your server or device is running with 90% high CPU. Your users are complaining of latency and poor performance. You have checked task manager, resource monitor or even downloaded and opened process explorer but there is still no exact root resource glaring you in the face. No worries, a WPR will break down the high CPU processes a bit more. You could even skip straight to this step in the future when you get comfortable working with these tools.

Download the Windows ADK (Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit) from this location: Download and install the Windows ADK Microsoft Learn. Once you download the Windows ADK, you want to install the Windows Performance Toolkit. Double click on the executable (.exe) to start the installation process.

Obviously, if you have any doubts about the safety of Cmdow then don't use it or audit the source code yourself. Auditing should be fairly straightforward as the code is self explanatory with liberal comments and there is no assembly or binary blobs. It compiles without errors or warnings using the free Code::Blocks IDE. There is even a Code::Blocks project file (cmdow.cbp) included in the Cmdow download.

Batch file to alert Administrator if the number of windows shown on the taskbar changes (as might be the case when an application or the operating system generates an error message, or may be backup software is prompting for a tape etc). Loops every 60 seconds until number of windows changes.

On a W2K machine running a number of applications that monitor our servers and networks, I have a batch file that runs Cmdow /AT every 20 seconds. Sometimes Cmdow fails to activate an application window, instead the taskbar flashes blue.

14:28:41 INFO: CUDA Cross Compile Package on Host - host: start to download -sdks/jetpack-4.5/JETPACK_45_b129/cuda-repo-cross-aarch64-10-2-local-10.2.89_1.0-1_all.deb to /home/jiyouseo/xavier/cuda-repo-cross-aarch64-10-2-local-10.2.89_1.0-1_all.deb

14:28:41 INFO: OpenCV on Target - target: start to download -sdks/jetpack-4.5/JETPACK_45_b129/OpenCV-4.1.1-2-gd5a58aa75-aarch64-libs.deb to /home/jiyouseo/xavier/OpenCV-4.1.1-2-gd5a58aa75-aarch64-libs.deb

14:28:41 INFO: OpenCV on Target - target: start to download -sdks/jetpack-4.5/JETPACK_45_b129/OpenCV-4.1.1-2-gd5a58aa75-aarch64-licenses.deb to /home/jiyouseo/xavier/OpenCV-4.1.1-2-gd5a58aa75-aarch64-licenses.deb

14:28:41 INFO: CUDA Toolkit for L4T - target: start to download -sdks/jetpack-4.5/JETPACK_45_b129/cuda-repo-l4t-10-2-local-10.2.89_1.0-1_arm64.deb to /home/jiyouseo/xavier/cuda-repo-l4t-10-2-local-10.2.89_1.0-1_arm64.deb

14:28:41 INFO: OpenCV on Target - target: start to download -sdks/jetpack-4.5/JETPACK_45_b129/OpenCV-4.1.1-2-gd5a58aa75-aarch64-dev.deb to /home/jiyouseo/xavier/OpenCV-4.1.1-2-gd5a58aa75-aarch64-dev.deb

14:28:41 INFO: CUDA on Host - host: start to download -sdks/jetpack-4.5/JETPACK_45_b129/ubuntu1804/cuda-repo-ubuntu1804-10-2-local-10.2.89-440.40_1.0-1_amd64.deb to /home/jiyouseo/xavier/cuda-repo-ubuntu1804-10-2-local-10.2.89-440.40_1.0-1_amd64.deb

14:28:42 INFO: OpenCV on Target - target: start to download -sdks/jetpack-4.5/JETPACK_45_b129/OpenCV-4.1.1-2-gd5a58aa75-aarch64-python.deb to /home/jiyouseo/xavier/OpenCV-4.1.1-2-gd5a58aa75-aarch64-python.deb


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