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Online Training Accreditation

We are now accrediting all basic online training courses for Hair & Beauty. 

BIA cannot guarantee insurance for these courses, so we require you to gain insurance before applying for online accreditation. All insurance companies are different and have different requirements, so we recommend shopping around to find a best one that suits you and your academy needs.

We would recommend Insync or Salon Insurance 4U for online training insurance cover, however, you can contact your own insurance companies to find out if they will cover you for online training. We need this confirmation before we can accredit any online training. BIA Insurance Providers Here


For online course accreditation, we need the following documents:

•    Full Training Manual
•    Step by Step Video Tutorial including the full procedure
•    Your qualification for that subject
•    Your teaching qualification
•    Lesson Plan
•    Breakdown on how your online course works.
•    Online Insurance Confirmation

You must include an online written assessment and case studies before you can issue your student with their certificate. 

If you have your online insurance confirmation, then you can apply for online training accreditation by contacting us via email. 


You cannot purchase online accreditation via our website as we MUST see proof of insurance first. 


BIA only accredit basic online courses, please find a list of the online courses we now accredit here

Fee for accrediting your online courses is as follows:

1 Single Online Course - £80.00 +VAT

10 Online Course Package - £350.00 +VAT

20 Online Course Package - £600.00 +VAT

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