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BIA Educator's Package

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Our BIA Educators Package is specially designed to make your educators process as easy as possible.

This package is perfect for anyone wanting to start a career in teaching within the hair, beauty & aesthetics industry.​

BIA packages include everything needed to show potential students your teaching materials are set to the highest standard and that your qualifications have been approved and verified. Students are looking for peace of mind and these packages can help with this as it shows that you are a professional educator and take your role as an educator seriously.


Included in the Educators Package:

Step 1 - BIA Beauty Educators Diploma

Step 2 - Accreditation Application for Upto 10 courses

Step 1 - Beauty Educators Diploma

You will be sent our 5 star teacher training diploma, designed for both new trainers and those who have a number of year's experience, it allows you to study at work/home and at your own pace. You will gain a teaching qualification, equivalent to Training for Trainers and PTTLS, which will allow you to teach within the industry. All the course materials you need will be provided and there is full support from our staff throughout the duration of your study. The training manual and instructions will be sent to you via email after purchase. Then you can complete and return assignments/projects as they are done.

Course Full Name: BIA Beauty Educators Diploma

Qualification: Level 3 in Teaching & Education Equivalent

Insurable: Yes, insurance providers listed below

No of Assessments: Three written assessments & one micro teach assessment 

Time Limit: 1 year to complete

Course pre-requisite: Must be qualified within the hair, beauty or aesthetics industry

Step 2 - Accreditation For 10 Course's

Once you have completed your teaching diploma, you will then be sent your accreditation application. Accreditation recognises your courses and academy of a set standard for one year. This allows you to accredit your courses and use our seal of approval on your certificates and marketing. You can also get trainer insurance from our insurance providers and your students can get discounted insurance. The accreditation will show potential students your materials are of a set standard and that your qualifications have been verified. Students are looking for peace of mind and accreditation can help with this.


For accreditation we need the following documents:

1. Student training manual for each course you want to teach
2. Your qualifications for each course you are submitting
3. Corresponding lesson plan for each course
4. Your teaching qualification
5. Completed BIA accreditation forms

6. Written assessments to assess your student's on the theory part of their course 
7. Video tutorials (for online training only)
8. Insurance confirmation (for online training only)

Important Note: Until you have been given permission from us, please DO NOT use or download any of our logos or seals. from our website. We will take legal action if anyone is seen doing this.

After completing both the beauty educators diploma and had your accreditation approved, you can then teach your own courses and your students will then be able to gain insurance from our trusted partners after completing your training. Please check them out here before applying.


Adding our gold seal of approval to your certificates will ensure your students will not only get insured but

will have a worldwide qualification. 

Rest assured, your Fully Covered!

The BIA Educators Package is a recognised qualification by insurance companies worldwide.

Have peace of mind knowing you can gain teaching insurance through our trusted providers. 

We can only guarantee insurance through one of our insurance partners however you can contact other companies for cover. Shop around to find the best company to suit your academies needs.

Enrol below to start your Teaching Journey today!

BIA Educators Package

Full Payment - £499.00 +VAT
Weekly Payment Plan - £99.00 deposit & £50.00 pw x8 weeks
All Payment plan payments exclude VAT

Beauty Educators diploma & Accreditation 10 courses

Please note both payment option's have an non-refundable £50.00 deposit.

Once payment has been made you will receive your course materials within 15 minutes of purchase to the email address you signed up with, if you would like to change this please contact us. Please check your spam folder if you have not received an email within 15 minutes of purchase.

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