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Hygiene in The Workplace/Salon

This online course has been created in light of the recent developments to help anyone in the hair and beauty industry ensure they are following government guidelines in the workplace and to assure the public that your workplace is working in accordance with these guidelines.


The course will briefly reiterate normal hygiene practices but also give additional support and guidance to help limit the spread of the virus.


Included in the course are general salon hygiene rules, the safe use of chemical agents and equipment, appropriate Health and Safety Regulations and a workplace cleaning schedule.


The course is designed for distance learning at home or work, once completed you will receive a BIA  certificate of approval showing that you have updated your skills in accordance with government guidelines on the CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19).

Example Certificate.png

Benefits of the Course:

  • Knowing your legal responsibilities

  • Understanding COVID-19

  • Transmission of the disease

  • Specific hand hygiene

  • Understanding sanitisation and sterilisation

  • Understanding cross-infection and secondary infection

Give your students peace of mind knowing that you are following these important guidelines 

Cost: FREE

Time of Study: 15-30 minutes

On Completion: Certificate of approval

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