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Guide on How to Read Football Odds for New Players

With the desire to help football betting players more conveniently, especially new members who are new to online betting and still have many uncertainties and don't understand how to read football odds. In this article, we will share how to read football odds on the Sports product at the Rồng Hổ online entertainment website. Let's what does a bookmaker do betting find tips!

Reading football odds online is essential for any online betting player. Because when participating in the world of football betting, understanding how to view betting odds is crucial. Especially, it is necessary to understand accurately and in detail. Because only when you understand this essential thing, can you proceed with betting. Football betting has become an attractive form of entertainment that attracts a lot of players' interest because the profits that betting can bring can help you become rich extremely quickly. Besides traditional betting types, you can now completely bet online. However, the question many people ask is whether betting on football online is safe. To answer this question, let's explore through the following article together.

Important Factors about Football Odds

When entering the world of football betting, the first thing you need to do is to understand the factors and rules commonly specified in most odds tables today. Besides, you also need to understand and update additional information such as: match duration, names of the two teams participating, and types of odds on the bookmaker's odds table.

Every player needs to pay attention to and understand the following important points:

The home team will be written above, while the away team will be written below.

In case you see an additional symbol (N), it means the team is playing on neutral ground.

Some bookmakers may use a symbol to mark the team in red. This means the bookmaker evaluates this team to be stronger.

With columns to view odds: Handicap, Over/Under (O/U), and 1×2. Or there are also odds tables with the score ratio of 2 in 1.

How to Read Asian Football Odds Online

On the odds table, after identifying the Asian odds column and the 2 in 1 odds, players need to know how to read the odds in football betting as follows:

Draw ball odds

This type of bet is quite common for matches with little difference between teams, and it has a handicap of 0.

It is similar to draw 1, draw 2. When players choose to bet on the upper or lower team, and that team wins, the player will win money. If the result is a draw, the player will get back the amount of bet.

Half ball draw (0 – 0.5; 1/4)

This type of bet means the upper team will give the lower team less than half a ball. And usually, it will be marked as 1/4 or 0.5. If the player chooses to bet on the upper team and that team wins, the player will win money. Conversely, if both teams draw, then if you bet on the upper team, you will lose half the bet. If you bet on the lower team, you will win half the bet.

Half ball handicap (0.5; 1/2)

With this bet, the upper team will give the lower team half a ball. However, there will be no refund case.

When players choose to bet on the upper team and that team wins, the player will win money according to the football odds ratio that the online new bookmaker offers. If the result is a draw, those who bet on the lower team will win the bet.

Half one bet (0.75; 0.5/1; 3/4)

This type of bet requires the match to win by a margin of 1 goal or more. If you choose to bet on the upper team, keep in mind the following:

In case of winning by 1 goal margin, you will win half the bet. If you bet on the lower team, you will lose money.

In case of winning by 2 goals or more, the upper team wins. If you choose the lower team, you will lose the bet.

In case of a draw, those who bet on the upper team will lose money. If you choose the lower team, you will win the bet.

Is online football betting safe?

The legality of football betting

As mentioned above, football betting can help you become rich extremely quickly, so business betting is considered a super-profitable form and is permitted to operate in many countries. Therefore, almost all leading bookmakers in the world have headquarters in countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore instead of Vietnam. This is because in Vietnam, football betting was considered an illegal form of gambling in previous years.

However, when the market opened, playing for a living by betting on football matches was loosened to attract investment into this potential market. However, in reality, there are still somewhat strict regulations to limit inflation. According to an article from the Vnexpress online newspaper dated March 2, 2017:

"From March 31, when Decree 06/2017/ND-CP takes effect, for the first time, business betting on horse racing, dog racing, and international football matches is legalized. However, participants and organizing units must comply with strict conditions. Because this is a conditional business activity, not encouraged for development, and must be strictly controlled by state management agencies with authority.

Accordingly, only qualified enterprises are allowed to operate betting businesses. After completing the investment registration procedures, enterprises must apply for a Certificate of eligibility for betting business.

For international football betting business, the Government will allow one enterprise to be piloted for 5 years. Pilot enterprises operating international football betting must have a minimum charter capital of 1,000 billion VND and meet other regulations.

Vietnamese and foreigners must be at least 21 years old to participate in betting with a minimum of 10,000 VND and a maximum of one million VND per day for each product. Betting must take place at the authorized business point to be considered legal."

However, there is a fact that you need to know, which is that you can only bet on football matches within the framework of FIFA. Therefore, players will not be able to bet on matches in the top leagues in Europe.

Issues when playing online betting

You should know that playing online betting means all your transactions are done online. Therefore, choosing a reputable bookmaker is the most important thing among trustworthy football betting site because all your betting activities will be much safer. Currently, some of the best reputable bookmakers in the market include 188BET, M88, K8, W88, KUBET, FB88...

Another important thing is that you need to recognize fraudulent bookmakers in the market to ensure that you avoid being scammed. Recognizing such bookmakers is extremely simple, as they may use very attractive promotional tricks such as offering cash bonuses and ensuring high winning odds...

How to calculate online betting odds

When viewing Asian football odds, we often see both positive odds (0.82) and negative odds (– 0.97). So what do these numbers mean in reading football odds?

Positive odds mean: if you bet on a type of odds with positive odds, your winnings = Bet amount * Positive odds. For example, if you bet 100k on a handicap bet (0 – 0.5) with odds of 0.89, if you win, you will win 89k. If you lose, you will lose the entire bet.

Above are the information about online betting odds and basic guides on how to read football odds on the Sports product that Rồng Hổ is supporting. Hopefully, after this article, you will no longer be confused when participating in online football betting. Wish you always lucky and win big!


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