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Other comparison criteria when buying leaf vacuum mulcher/ leaf mulcher/ leaf blower

  • the capacity (in liters) of the bag that will contain the leaves,

  • the weight of the device, which is very important if you have to spend a lot of time picking up the leaves

  • the decibels (dB), which indicate the sound power.

However, some more powerful and bulky leaf vacuum mulchers leafmulcherhq are less noisy, but will require a bigger budget, as they are more sophisticated.


The particularly interesting options for a leaf blower vacuum mulcher


For the most important and time-consuming jobs, buying a vacuum blower-shredder with several speeds, both for suction and for the blower function, is interesting to better control the collection of leaves by much less tiring. When you have this type of need for your land, you are more interested in devices from 100 euros which are often equipped with additional options such as ergonomic adjustment of the device and anti-vibration.


In general, they are shredder vacuums capable of treating more surfaces per minute. Finally, you can opt for a relatively powerful leaf mulcher blower vacuum and not be too greedy in consumption by limiting itself to 2000 watts. This "all-in-one" device generally consumes more than a simple vacuum mulcher or a device offering the unique functionality of a blower.


What accessories can be added to a leaf vacuum mulcher blower


There are many spare parts to add to a leaf blower vacuum, whether you need to improve the performance of your unit or replace a defective part. The main ones are:

  • Collection bags.

  • The harness for carrying on the back.

  • Internal elements such as seals, nozzles, levers, or triggers can also be changed.


The leading brands of professional gas shredder blower vacuum mulchers


Our favorite brands in the field of blower vacuums are those that we have presented to you: the Einhell blower vacuum, the Black and Decker leaf blower vacuum mulcher, and the Stihl blower vacuum. However, other manufacturers also stand out with their good performance and attractive price-performance ratio. This is particularly the case for the Bosch ALS 30 vacuum blower and grinder and the Ryobi Rbv3000csv DE 3000-watt vacuum blower. But also:

  • Mcculloch gbv

  • Universal garden tidy

  • Riband

  • HP

  • Makita

  • skil

  • Husqvarna

  • Hyundai

  • Etc.





What power for a grinder blower vacuum?


Everything will depend on the surface of your land and, therefore, on the tool chosen. For a gas shredder vacuum blower, a power of between 25 cm3 to 50 cm3 will be sufficient for domestic use. If it is an electric blower vacuum mulcher, a power between 1,000 and 2,500 watts will allow you to maintain medium-sized surfaces well. If you plan to buy a lithium cordless blower-vacuum model, choose a 36-volt power.


How do I properly use my backpack blower vacuum?


To use your tool properly, you must wear the appropriate safety equipment, such as gloves, goggles, and noise-canceling headphones. Then, it is necessary to progress slowly for effective treatment and an optimal rendering by monitoring the blowing tube's air outlet. Never use the blower indoors and at height.


Where can I find spare parts for my garden blower vacuum?


You can easily obtain spare parts for your tool by going to a garden center or a specialized DIY store. If you don't have time, be aware that websites specializing in this area also offer a large selection of spare parts for the best leaf vacuum mulchers and blowers.



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