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Builder Gel in a Bottle - Manual Contents:

Page 3 - Course Introduction & Course Aims & Objectives
Page 4- About the Builder Gel in a Bottle Treatment
Pages 5-10- Health & Safety Regulations & risk assessment example
Pages 11-13- Covid-19 Guidelines/Sterilisation Methods and Hygiene
Pages 14-17- Relative course Anatomy & Physiology
Page 18- Professional Ethics and Standards of Practice
Page 19- Client Records
Page 20- Nail Growth
Page 20- Treatment Preparation
Page 21- Products and Equipment
Page 22– Consultation Form
Page 23-24- Contra-indications and Contra-actions
Page 25- Nail Diseases
Page 26- Nail Shapes
Page 27- What is Builder Gel in a Bottle? & The benefits
Page 28- Gel Polish vs Builder Gel vs Hard Gel – The Differences
Page 29- UV Lamp vs LED Lamp
Page 30- Builder Gel in a Bottle Nail Preparation
Page 31- Builder Gel in a Bottle Application Step by Step
Page 32- Builder Gel in a Bottle Infill
Page 33- Builder Gel in a Bottle Removal 
Page 34- Client Aftercare and Maintenance
Page 35- Troubleshooting
Page 36- Insurance

Builder Gel in a Bottle Manual

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