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Training Accreditation

Accreditation recognises your training courses and academy of a set standard to the highest level. This allows you to accredit your courses and use our gold seal of approval on your students certificates and marketing. Gaining accreditation means your students will be able to get insured by our insurance partners.

Accreditation will show potential students your materials are of a set standard and that your qualifications have been verified. Students are looking for peace of mind and accreditation can help with this. 

It shows that you are a professional educator and take your role as an educator seriously.

A training qualification is required before you will be covered by any of our insurance partners, by not have a training qualification you could invalidate your insurance.


Don't have a teaching qualification?

If not, we would recommend completing Beauty Educators Diploma before applying

We have two types of Accreditation Packages for you to choose from:

Course Accreditation

Ideal for a new or small salon/academy with 1-5 educators & up to 20 courses

Signature Accreditation

Ideal for a large salon/academy

with 5+ educators & 20+ courses

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