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Accreditation recognises your training courses and academy of a set standard to the highest level.

This allows you to accredit your courses and use our gold seal of approval on your students certificates and marketing.

Gaining accreditation means your students will be able to gain insurance from our insurance partners worldwide.


Accreditation will show potential students your materials are of a set standard and that your qualifications have been verified. Students are looking for peace of mind and accreditation can help with this. 

It shows that you are a professional educator and take your role as an educator seriously.

A training qualification is required before you will be covered by any of our insurance partners, by not have a training qualification you could invalidate your insurance.


Don't have a teaching qualification?

If not, we would recommend completing Beauty Educators Diploma before applying.


For BIA Accreditation you need to submit the following documents:

1. Teaching qualification certificate (Beauty Educators Diploma, PTTLS, Level 3 in Teaching & Education or equivalent)

2. Training qualifications of each course you want to accredit (e.g manicure, pedicure, make up etc.)

3. A training manual for each course you are submitting.

4. Lesson plan for your course

5. BIA accreditation forms (which you will receive after applied)

Why choose BIA Accreditation? Check out the benefits of BIA Accreditation:

  • Potential students know that your qualifications have been verified and your training courses and materials are of a set standard

  • Accreditation logo and seal of approval issued for you to use on stationary and website

  • Accreditation certificate issued to display on your premises

  • Add on additional courses for only £80 per course

  • BIA Accreditation is recognised by various insurance providers worldwide 

  • Free listing on the BIA Directory

  • Free advertising on our social medias, Tag us and we will repost!

  • Discounted insurance for your students (USA only)

  • You will be added onto an exclusive Facebook group for training providers

  • One trainer add on included, each extra trainer add on is £25 per person.

  • One course swap included during your year

If you have the required qualifications, here's how to Apply:

​Choose from a payment option below, After purchase you will be sent out BIA accreditation forms which you should fill in and send back along with the required documents. Once you have submitted all documents, unless we require anything else, you will be accredited within 1-2 weeks.

​No risk application, if we can not accredit you for any reason your application fee will be returned promptly.

Once your application has been accepted your accreditation fee will then be non-refundable. 

If you choose the payment plan option, we can cancel your accreditation if the payment plan has been voided.


IMPORTANT MESSAGE! REPUBLIC OF IRELAND TRAINERS ONLY! Please note that at the moment we cannot guarantee any insurance in the ROI. This is due to regulations changing and we will update as soon as we know any different. Sorry for any inconvenience as this is out with our control.

Most courses we offer accreditation for requires pre-requisites, please check our Course List & Pre-Requisites information before applying.

Course Accreditation - Pricing Plans

Please note: The below payments are for a new application only. If you are adding on a course to your current active accreditation or renewing for another year, please click the links below:

Single Course

Full Payment

£80.00 +VAT

Payment Plan

No Payment

Plan Available

10 Courses

Full Payment

£350.00 +VAT

Payment Plan

£50 deposit then

£50 for 6 weeks


All Payment plan payments exclude VAT

20 Courses

Full Payment

£600.00 +VAT

Payment Plan

£100 deposit then

£50 for 10 weeks

All Payment plan payments exclude VAT

Please check the BIA terms & conditions below before applying...

BIA Accreditation Terms & Conditions

If you are applying for BIA accreditation, please be aware of the following:

  • Accreditation is non-refundable after approval.

  • We are covered by our own insurance partners and cannot guarantee insurance with any other insurance providers.. Please do not apply for BIA accreditation without viewing our list of insurance partners.

  • Accreditation is valid for 1 year, your year will start from the day of approval, not the day of purchase.


You can find our full indepth terms & conditions here.​


Payment Plan Terms & Conditions 

If you choose our payment plan option then please be aware of the following:

  • We will automatically send you a weekly invoice.

  • Your first payment of £50 is an non-refundable deposit.

  • You can be approved before your payment plan is paid off, however we will cancel your accreditation if the payment plan is not adhered to. We will email you and remind you if a payment has been missed, if we do not get a response your accreditation will automatically be cancelled.

  • If you are struggling with the weekly payments, please contact us to discuss and work out a solution that suit's you. 

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