Pre-Written Manual License

Pre-Written & ideal if you have no time to write your own!

At Beauty Industry Approval we want to make your accreditation process as simple as possible, therefore we have got pre-written

training manuals available for license. 

This license means that you can use our training manuals for your courses in which you can create your own lesson plan around. This will save you the stress and the time creating your own manual.

All you need to send in is your qualification for the course you wish to purchase the manual for and a corresponding lesson plan for each course. You will then be sent out a license agreement form, this should be signed and sent back to us. Once this is complete we can then issue you with your manual of choice, within 1 week you should submit a lesson plan to correspond to each of the training manuals you have licensed. 

All prices are for 1 years license, if you would like a longer period please contact us

BIA Pre-Written Manual Preview.png

​Our training manuals Include all relevant and required information needed for each subject,

including this following content:


Course Introduction & Learning Objectives
Health & safety
Relative course Anatomy & Physiology 
Treatment preparation, Sterilisation methods & hygiene 
The process and an example of a consultation form
Contra-indications & Contra-actions
Complete Treatment procedure & Full Step by Step
Aftercare and example of an aftercare sheet
Troubleshooting Maintenance 

Manual License - Pricing Plans

Per Manual

Full Payment

£150.00 each

Valid for 1 year

See full list of available manuals below

Pack of Two

Full Payment


Valid for 1 year

Pick any two of our manuals available below

Level 2 Set

Full Payment


Valid for 1 year

Manicure, Pedicure, Advanced Eye Treatments, Facial & Skincare, Make Up and Waxing

Level 3 Set

Full Payment


Valid for 1 year

Full Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Classic Lash, Spray Tan and Microdermabrasion 

Important Note:

Once purchased this manual license is non-refundable. 

You will receive a email from us within 15 minutes of purchase with a manual license agreement,

any questions or concerns please contact us.

List of All Manuals we have Available to license: